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Craft Cacao & Chocolate Market

Feb 10, 2018

The Source gears up for Valentine’s Day with a #sourcepopup market featuring six of the best bean-to-bar chocolate retailers in the state, including makers, chocolatiers and more. Additionally, Untouched poetrywill be writing on-demand poems on a vintage typewriter. Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Market vendors: 
Cultura Craft Chocolate 
Dar Chocolate. Hand-Crafted From The Bean
Nova Chocolate
WKND Chocolate
Victoria's Chocolates
Čokolada Mama

The market will offer a variety of bars, truffles, spreads, drinking chocolates, and more. Chocolate makers – who handcraft their own chocolate from start to finish, including sourcing, roasting and grinding their own beans – are especially unique to find. All of the vendors in attendance exclusively offer fair trade and ethically sourced products. 

Also, RiNo Yacht Club will feature chocolate pairings and several regular Source vendors will have related in-store promotions.


saturday and sunday 10am-4pm