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Page of Cups Pop-Up

Aug 18, 2018

Founder, Katie Lane grew up and currently lives in Evergreen, CO surrounded by trees, plants and all the sounds and smells of nature. This affection for natural living was awakened, an interest in the medicinal qualities of plants was ignited and she began to buy every herbal book she could find. 

Page of Cups sprang like a fish out of water and has blossomed into Katie’s vision for bringing the healing power of plants into daily beauty and grooming rituals, reconnecting individuals to their own natural beauty and while being mindful of their environmental impact. Every product is intentionally made in her studio and she places the highest importance on sourcing materials from only the purest quality fair-trade, organic, and local suppliers, ensuring that each product is improving the life of the customer.

Products at the pop-up include:
Botanical Soaps
Bath Bombs
Body Oils
Body Scrubs
Facial Masks
Facial Serums

Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm